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 Powerlevel/Ki System and Fighting Rules

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Powerlevel/Ki System and Fighting Rules Empty
PostSubject: Powerlevel/Ki System and Fighting Rules   Powerlevel/Ki System and Fighting Rules Icon_minitimeSun Jul 04, 2010 6:21 am


The Powerlevel and Ki system is your best friend. It tells you how strong you are and how close you are to death. How you use your Powerlevel and is up to no one other than yourself. Although if you decide not to use it, you may lose it. The system of using your Powerlevel is quite simple as long as you remember some cardinal rules.

1. Just because your Powerlevel is lower than someone else, does not mean you will lose. There are skills and items that will help you in the course of a battle.

2. Just because your Powerlevel is higher than someone else, does not mean you will win. There are many skill and items that will make fighting a person hell.

3. Calculating is an important part of the battle. Make sure to think out your move before you act. For example: If Frieza is fighting Goku and Goku has 50,000 Powerlevel, where as Frieza has 45,000, throwing all 50,000 could be a big mistake.

Another helpful tip would be that just because you are close to defeating an opponent does not mean to get cocky. If you throw a punch that has too much power, they will use it against you.

You must update you Powerlevel on your profile page every time you get a Powerlevel gain. If you do not, then your Powerlevel will stay at the same number. I will be monitoring Powerlevels. If I feel the need to edit it I will. Do not try and get away with an increase, if you are caught you will be banned.

Fighting System

The fighting system for Conflict Reborn is completely designed around Powerlevel and Ki. It will tell you when you are dead, weak, losing, healthy, or winning. In this fighting system, the constant is your Powerlevel. Your Powerlevel will never change unless you train. It will never go down in the course of a battle. Your Ki on the other hand will. Not only that, but in order to do an attack you must put Ki into it. When a battle starts you Ki is equal to your Powerlevel. If you have 50,000 Powerlevel, guess what, your Ki is 50,000. An example of using Ki in a battle is:

Frieza jumps in the air firing Ki blasts wildly at his combatant below.
Ki used: 1500
Ki left: 35,000

A good example of a response would be:

Goku jumps to the side dodging as many Ki blasts as possible but is pounded is the back by a few stray blasts. He quickly retaliates by jumping in the air grabbing Frieza by the tail and throwing him downwards to the ground with great might.
Ki left after Ki blasts: 42,500
Ki used throwing Frieza: 2,500
Ki left: 40,000

You do not have to use Ki when using close combat, though some enjoy. It may not seem like Ki goes into a punch but if you want that punch to be extra strong, put Ki into it. The system pretty much goes by a subtraction basis. If you throw a blast at someone you subtract the number you feel comfortable with. The more you put into the blast the more Ki you lose.

On the flip side, if your opponent throws a blast at you, you do not choose how much Ki you lose. You lose the amount unless you have an item or skill that says differently.

In order to find out when you lose the fight, you should asses this chart:

1+ Ki: Alive
0 Ki: Knocked Out (When you are knocked out you cannot act. You cannot use items nor can you move, you simply wait for your opponent.)
- Ki: Dead (Meaning your opponent can spare you by only reducing your Ki to 0. If they decide to throw a Ki blast equal to 1 when you are at 0 Ki, you have died.)

Fighting Rules

1. You may not turn on God Mode. In more simple words, you cannot say that you win automatically. Example: Frieza shots a beem. He am winnar of the univarce!1111eleven. There will be no destroying of entire races and planets just because you say it in a sentence. You must start a battle telling someone your action, how much Ki used and how much left.

2. You cannot dodge out of nowhere. If I throw a beam with over 9000 Ki at you and you say: I jumps outs oph tha waye and wins, the battle will be ended and there shall be punishment. There will be items that let you dodge, but unless you have them no John Mclane, epic jumping out of an exploding building moves.

3. Be nice and have fun. If you have any questions please feel free to PM administrators.
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Powerlevel/Ki System and Fighting Rules
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