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 Rising through the ranks

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PostSubject: Rising through the ranks   Rising through the ranks Icon_minitimeTue Jul 06, 2010 2:58 am

Saikou had rested well from the previous night. He was getting stronger each second as time went on. But he knew he would have to push himself harder in hopes to become an elite sayian warrior. If he wanted to help bring peace to his planet and the rest of the universe he had a while to go. If he could cut past his weaknesses then maybe he would find the new plateau of power that he desired.

"If I keep finding missions then I surely will get to my goals," he thought to himself. He decided it was time for him to go out and find a new quest to adventure on. It would be best for him to look onward for a new task.

After searching for a while he decided he focus on trying get his sayian rank higher. He read a poster earlier and decided to go and talk to the person who was offering the ques for hire. It would be much different than before. He would have to be able to move and think faster on his feet.

"Welcome to the army grunt!

Your first mission is a simple one. You have to get your feet wet. You're going to hunt down an AWOL third class like yourself. His name is Bartelby and you probaly can find him in Bargon's Nest--a host spot for gamblers and spacers a like. Convince the bastard to get back to his post. I don't care what it takes. "

Saikou didn't like the idea of being considered a low class. That was the exact reason that he was going to carry out these missions. He needed to improve his rank and get it done quickly. It would also make him more powerful as a warrior. It would give the power to kill two birds with one stone.

"I wont die as long as my dreams stay alive within me," thought Saikou to himself. He decided he wouldn't waste anymore time thinking to himself. He knew this was the time to find the man and complete his goal. If he hoped to gain some support from king vegeta later on. He would need to convince him to reconsider his political stances.

"So I can find this guy in Bargon's Nest," said Saikou reminding himself of where the guy was located. He needed to quickly find the guy. The place was known for being rough and having gamblers. It didn't bother him because he figured they wouldn't care if he he had to get messy with Bartelby.

Saikou sped up his flying as he headed to the place where he knew the awol would be at. If he could get the guy to come back without fighting then it would be much better off. It took him several minutes but he had finally reached Bargon's Nest. He could hear the loud noises emitting from the place. Saikou pushed the door opened and walked inside.

The place reeked of alcohol and many people were cramped close together. He decided that he would have a good look around for the guy. His eyes glared from person to person until he came over the guy he needed. Bartelby was sitting at one of the gambling tables. Saikou wondered if the guy was insane or maybe he just had a gambling problem. The guy was in the middle of a gamble, but before Saikou could do this he was interrupted by another sayian.

"I think you need to leave," he said. Saikou turned around to see Sanchez. It was a guy he knew from the past and had a bad run in with the man. He knew that this guy was going to make trouble for him. And even worse for Saikou the guy was drunk. He pushed off Sanchez's hand and decided that they should take it otuside.

"If you want to fight me then lets go outside," said Saikou as he beckoned for the man to leave. After they headed out the man came straight at Saikou with full strength behind him. However, he stumbled because of his drunkenness and Saikou easily tripped him over. He then sent a knee into the man's gut. The fighter responded by sending a uppercut at Saikou's china. He manage to dodge the man and cut inside his arm with a heavy punch. The man stumbled backwards and almost fell over.

Saikou knew he shouldn't be wasting so much time on a easy moron like Sanchez. So he decided he would end it in the next attack. He speed teleported behind his enemy and sent a karate chop into the side of his neck. It was enough to knock his enemy out cold on the ground. As he finished with this fool, he knew that he had to go back and get the awol. The pub already had some people leaving from it.

"He really does have a gambling problem," thought Saikou as he noticed that his guy was still sitting in the same place. This time he hoped to not be distracted by any of the people that filled the place around them. This would be his chance to finally get this man back to his job.

"Excuse me," said Saikou putting his hand down on Bartelby's shoulder. The guy looked up and already realized what was going on.

"Is it already time for me to go back?" he asked with a sad expression. But Saikou felt a weird energy coming from this guy. He knew this wasn't going to be a easy negotiation.

"If you don't come then I will use force," responded Saikou knowing this guy could easily put up a good fight against him. If that is what this situation came to then he would have to find a place with less people around. Bartelby stood up from his chair and walked outside. He knew that Saikou would shortly follow him.

"I'm not going anywhere," he said to Saikou after he could see the scene was turning sour. It was time for a little aggression, on Saikou's part, to get this guy to go back to what his job was suppose to be. "Look Bartleby, I'm not the kind of guy who is great with the whole patience routine," explained Saikou crossing his arms to illustrate his point, "so can you just do me the favor of coming along without a fight?"

"I'm afraid that I must restate my point, I'm not going anywhere you are," said Bartleby as he suddenly turned and grabbed Saikou with one fluid motion he turned and threw the saiyan far away from the entrance to the bar he was in. Saikou rocketed backwards a fair ways before stopping himself in mid-air. By the time Saikou righted himself he realized that his prey had escaped his view.

"Shit," muttered Saikou under his breath. He knew that at this distance even if he knew the direction the guy went in he doubt he could over take him and without a scouter he didn't even have a direction.

Saikou was about to resign himself to another chase, this one maybe colder than the last as he moved to the bar when he realized something was a miss. As he approached the door to the Bargon's Nest the feeling grew though he couldn't point out what it was. He entered to look around the room to see if the guy made any sort of clue as to where he went when something caught his eye.

In one of the corners of the room had been a small desk but that desk had been moved. Not by much but enough that it caught Saikou's eye all the same. Saikou went over to the gambling table and knealt down to look at the floor near one of the legs. Sure enough there was some scratching on the floor to show that it had been moved a little bit and reSaikoutled.

"Clever," smiled Saikou to himself, "but you really should have run."


Bartleby stood panting just two meters down from the trap door above him. He thought that the other saiyan would have taken off by now but the footsteps above him had stopped for awhile now. Bartleby didn't know what to make of it quite yet until he heard a cracking noise.

That was the last thing the other saiyan heard before his world went totally black, Saikou had taken the time to slowly lift the desk up off the floor as he flew in mid air right above what he knew to be the trap door. The saiyan then heaved the table above his head and then smashed it down into the house's ground floor propelling himself with it.

What Saikou didn't realize was the trap door was fairly weak and that the tunnel he expected was little more than a small secret gambling room only 2 meters below him. So instead of just exposing the escape route to his prey Saikou instead found him and a 300 pound table with gambling chips and cards smashing directly ontop of Bartleby.

The other saiyan was knocked unconscious on impact and even Saikou, overestimating his necessary strength, was somewhat dazed upon finding himself in rubble with Bartleby completely unconscious next to him.

"Don't say I didn't warn you when we get back," muttered Saikou as he shrugged the other saiyan's unconscious frame over the back of his shoulders as he flew the two of them out of the hole and on his way to complete the delivery.

"Welcome back recruit," said the sergeant with a smile as Saikou hoisted and then dropped the now groaning Bartleby from his shoulders. "I see you managed to complete your mission in record time," said the sergeant with a smile clapping Saikou on the back. "Not to mention the number you did on this deserter, might not need to courmarshal him, the beating you gave him might be able to save his career," said the sergeant with a laugh as he motioned for Bartleby to be carried off. Two other recruits next to the sergeant nodded and obeyed the unspoken command.

"Now then son, it seems to me that while you were gone you missed out on a couple of your routine chores, I'm afraid you are going to have to do double duty to make up for that," said the sergeant with a devil's grin.

"Sir, I was just compl..." started Saikou when the sergeant interrupted, "I know son, I was going to have someone else cover for you but since you spoke out of turn you have forfited that little grace," explained the sergeant pointedly.

"You are in the King's army now soldier and you will obey the chain of command, and since you did not ask for your right to speak the only reason you aren't getting your lumps now is because you just cashed in your grace card for my personal mission," explained the sergeant.

"Now then I suggest you get moving those chores won't finish themselves," explained the sergeant turning his back to Saikou. Saikou suddenly got the wild urge to hurl the sergeant like Bartleby did to him no more than an hour or two before but restrained it with a "Sir, yes sir!" and a salute to the sergeant's back.


Saikou crashed hard into his bunk feeling somewhat tired but knowing that his chores were only half way done now and that tomorrow would no doubt make him feel even worse.

"As soon as I am high enough I'm going to kick that guy's ass," said Saikou to himself reconciling revenge for later when he had the ability.
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