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 Hunting the plant men...

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PostSubject: Hunting the plant men...   Hunting the plant men... Icon_minitimeThu Jul 08, 2010 2:16 am

Saikou received a mission from Five Percent, one of the first class saiyans on planet Vegeta. The mission said this:

“I hate the cold. I truly do. So I’m entrusting this mission with you. The Perfuians have a rebel hideout somewhere deep in the Jagged Mountains of Pefu. They have some device that has generated a constant swirling blizzard around the region to protect them from invaders. The wind speeds are ridiculous and it makes flying a bit hard. But then again, you haven’t failed me yet….So, go to Pefu, find away around this and take those rebels out. I’m counting on you. You might be due for a promotion soon.”

Saikou liked the idea of getting promoted soon. He was looking forward to becoming a first-class saiyan and it excited him at the thought of becoming one. Once he became one, the young saiyan would be able to purchase a saiyan class II armor, which would come in handy for whenever he battled anyone in the future. Though he had his new lightweight clothing, it would be still nice to have some armor. Saikou was glad to have received this mission from Five Percent. All the missions that King Vegeta sent the saiyans on were interesting, just like this one. Those winds WOULD be a challenge, but he would be able to do it. It would be able to put his speed to the test and his ability to get around difficult situations. Ridiculous speed, eh. Won’t be too much of problem, will it?

Saikou flew towards a spare space pod in one of the barracks and entered it. Inside, he configured the controls and Saikou it to travel to planet Pefu and entered the co-ordinates of where the Jagged Mountains were. He wouldn’t have to worry about finding the cave, for the saiyan would be able to use his scouter to do the job of finding who ever was in the cave.

Saikou’s space pod blasted off into space and zoomed into the far reaches of space away from planet Vegeta. It would be a few days before Saikou arrived at his location, and as he fell into hibernation, the young saiyan fell into a deep sleep.

Saikou was in a dream, and it was of a candy world. Everything was chocolate and gummies, and other sorts of candy. His mission, sent by King Vegeta, was to invade Candyland, or so they called it “Candyland.” The mountains were made out of chocolate and on top of the mountains was slushy-flavored ice, that was pina-colada flavor. It melted into a river of liquor, and where the alcohal came from, Saikou didn’t know. He flew over to where a river was, took a drinkg and felt slightly tipsy. “Woooohooo, this stuff is great. Candy land, candy land, the place that is a dandy land. Come and get your candy, while is quite handy, don’t give it to any girl named Mandy, for the maker of this world’s name is Andy!” Saikou fell to the ground. Why did he sing? He didn’t know. To his distant left was a candy volcano! And fuzz candy was coming from it, leaking down the mountain. Chocopuffs were being jettisoned into the air, along with some globs of red-colored goo. Saikou ignored it and went over to a nearby lake. He jumped into it and tasted something along the lines of….
…..of…..MOUNTAIN Doo? All around Saikou he realized he was on namek and looked all around, and saw mint-flavored icecream mountains everywhere with bits of chocolate trees all over them. Then a tall figure towered over him. Saikou looked up and saw that it was a pink, chewing gum-looking character. He laughed and shouted down at Saikou, “HA ha ha, now I am going to turn you into chocolate Candy!”

Saikou woke up from his dream and realized that it wasn't reality, though he felt as if his dream had been reality. "Ah, just a dream," said the saiyan was he checked the time in his pod and realized that there was a day left. Saikou decided to go back to bed, and then had another dream:

Clight stood up and looked down at Saikou with a frown. Saikou was aching all over. He was shocked at how fast his opponent was, especially how he had anticipated His attack. Saikou was bleeding and coughed up blood.

"Is that the best you can do? Your pathetic. I am too fast for you, and strong. And now, you will die."

Clight stepped on Saikou back and began to crush him with his boot. Saikou yelled out in pain and was not strong enough to move Clight's foot away.

It was as if Clight's voice was began to laugh in a slow, deep, distorted motion. "Is that the best you can do? Your pathetic." Saikou heard this same sound over, and over again, none stop, and it tormented him.

"I got you where I want you.

Clight stopped crushing Saikou and didn't move. He was motionless.

"I used Saikou to lure you into the open, knowing the coward you are. You would kill a fighter weaker than you, but you wouldn't dare to take on someone like myself. Now I am going to kill you and retrieve those scouters you stole.

Crayon released a large blast of ki that blew off Clight's head, causing blood to spray everywhere. The body of Clight fell to the ground and lay motionless. It began to spray blood in slow motion. It all came out slow and then a loud laugh was heard in the background.

Saikou was disturbed by the dream he had. He had forgotten all about Clight. This dream tormented him and he was somewhat gripped with fear. It all seemed so real. Saikou looked at the clock again. There was still many hours left. Only an hour had passed by. The saiyan decided to go back to sleep again and had another dream:

“Saikou stepped forward, then pointed a finger at Soduko, and cried out, "I am not going to lose to you. I will not fall to another first-class saiyan warrior."

Both Saikou and Soduko stared at each other, both grinning. Saikou began to size up His opponent. He suspected His opponent was using an aggressive fighting stance. Saikou stopped grinning, then powered up. A whitish aura lit up around Saikou as He was on fire. It surged outwards and then dissipated when the maximum power was reached. Soduko powered up as well, with the same effect happening, except the difference was that his aura was reddish-white.

King Vegeta cried out, "Saikou, He is not exactly merciful. Killing your opponent is allowed in this match. If you can't handle my trial then you don't deserve to live."

Saikou felt a jolt of zeal for battle course through His body. Normally He would be scared, but a match to the death? It actually encouraged Saikou and excited Him to fight someone stronger than Him. There was this feeling of loving to fight that surged within Saikou, a feeling of wanting to get stronger, of wanting to become more powerful---of wanting power. Saikou then all of a sudden found himself against Cell Jr, but still saw him as the android was Soduko. Saikou saw his opponent trying to do something related to the guards, but didn't know what he was up to. Cell Jr. jumped in the air and said, “My own Finisher!” The Blue Android and flew up to the ceiling, and started to do tricks in the air, which transformed into a kick in an attempt to kick Saikou. The second-class saiyan smiled and countered the kick, grabbing his leg and using his opponents momentum to step backward and swing him into a nearby pillar.[A1] He believed he had seen the Cell Jr hit the pillar, then confess, “I given…up!”

Cell Jr. laid down looking up at Saikou. Cell Jr. attempted to get back up and tried to use Hikou to fly up on the Pillar, but Saikou speed teleported to a position just above Cell Jr and attempted to hammer him to the ground with all his strength.

Saikou thought he saw the android fall down and appear to break his leg. Then
Cell Jr. said, “Saikou, Want to be friends?”

The black-haired saiyan winced and hovered to the ground and stood, saying nothing. After a moment of silence, he replied, "Since you have given up, I am the victor. Perhaps we can be friends. However, I don't know what King Vegeta will want to do with you."

Saikou woke up from his dream, then quickly glanced at the clock. It said there was just under one hour until arriving at his destination.

Saikou arrived upon planet pufu and his spacecraft entered the atmosphere. The young saiyan remembered that there were high winds he had to take care of, so he quickly configured the pod to stop at a certain height above ground. The saiyan, upon arriving at the exact location he wanted to be, got out of his pod and flew into the air, then hovered. Saikou could see the high winds below, and they were, well, ridiculous. He could barely make them out. “This is insane. How am I going to deal with this. I must find a way or else I won’t be able to complete my mission.” The saiyan thought to himself. Just then a thought occurred to him. He would try a series of things, and he played it out within his mind. He would fly into the winds and see what happened. The young saiyan would be able to take care of the blunt of the force, whatever the wind was going to do to him. Then he would make a plan in accordance with that.

Saikou then dashed towards the winds. He could see some mountains below, with the a swirling cyclone of air below covering everything else. The saiyan gained momentum as he used the planet’s gravity to his advantage, getting closer every moment as he traveled faster and faster. It took about ten seconds for him to reach his target and upon reaching the winds, Saikou could feel the immense force impact against his body. It was unbearable. The pain shot through his whole body as the force pushed him away into the distance, far from where the ridiculous cyclone of wind was. The saiyan blacked out from the pain and fell to the ground, breaking some bones in his body upon impact. It would be a few minutes until the saiyan would wake up again.

Saikou woke up and ached all over. He tried to get up and in the process felt a shot of burning-hot pain course through his body. It was useless, his bones had broken as a result of the fall. He didn’t even have a sensu bean to help himself heal. Was this it? Would he just die here, on the ground, on some foreign planet, in the middle of nowhere. He was a failure. He failed against Clight and now he failed against this mission. He was going to bring disappointment upon King Vegeta, who believed in him, despite failing against Clight and having completed the mission thanks to the likes of Crayon. He was thankful that Crayon had saved him, but felt a loss of pride as a result of it. Nonetheless, he liked to be humble towards many things, not letting pride get to his head, like how many of the saiyans did. He knew that if he became too prideful, it would eventually be his downfall. Saikou laid on the ground for a long time, almost two hours went by. All he did was reflect upon himself, thinking of a way to get out of his situation, but….but then it occurred to him. He would call his space pod to him using his scouter and crawl into it then grab the sensu! Lucky for him he had brought a bad of them! Saikou was so relieved to realize this. A second later, as he laid on the ground, he clicked his scouter and almost immediately his space pod came into view and landed right next to him. The saiyan began to crawl into the pod, and it took him much struggling and time to get into it. But eventually he did and grabbed his bag of sensus, took out one, and then ate it.

Saikou ate the sensu bean and immediately he felt the bones in his body heal, and all his infirmitied disappear. He felt even stronger than before. It was amazing! He never exactly had a sensu bean before, but this little piece of miraculous food solved all his problems! Saikou became serious again. He had a mission to accomplish, and would attempt to find a way into the ridiculous speedy-cyclone of wind. That was the rebels only defense, and once he got through it, he would wipe them all out, even resorting to his transformation if necessary. Saikou got up and looked at the swirling wind before him. He dashed towards it then charged up a blast of energy and fired it at it. He watched to dazzle towards the cyclone, and upon impact it dented the wind. Saikou jumped up into the air in satisfaction. He knew what to do, and he was going to get through that wind. The risk would be great, but he would succeed. The young saiyan dashed towards the cyclone and began to focus his ki into his two index fingers, and upon being a few meters away from the wind, he raised his hand and two fingers, creating a large explosion all around himself. At that second, Saikou powered up and jettisoned towards the cyclone and what appeared to be an opening, unleashing a sonic boom as he did. He power fly gave him an edge, and for the most part, he doubled his speed using his newly aquired zanzoken technique, which sped him into the cave in mere seconds. The wind fell back and started to swirle once more around the cave, covering it like how a waterfall covers a cave. Saikou laughed at what had just happened. He was in and nearly died in attempting to get in.

Saikou noticed that the cave was lit up with many lights. This gave him an advantage as he would be able to see where he was going. Saikou grinned. This was perfect. He then powered up to his maximum and dashed at an amazing speed through the cave corridors and came to a large, brightly lit room. Inside were several aliens that were the same size as Saikou. They turned in amazement to the saiyan and began to speak:

“What! How the heck did you get in! That’s impossible! Our shield of wind is suppose to be impenetrate able. Infact, it should have killed you if you even tried to enter! Tell us how you got in!”

“Yes, the speeds were ridiculous! Too ridiculous, and I nearly died trying to get in. In fact, when I attempted to fly in, that cyclone of yours knocked me to the ground and caused me to break my bones, but thanks to a sensu bean I hate, I healed and used a different method to enter.”

The aliens gasped. “Another method?”

Saikou grinned. “Yes, another method. I powered up my ki and used a technique that I recently learned. It came in handy and I blew your wind away temporarily and dashed into this cave as fast as I could. It took seconds for me to get in once that wind was blown away.”

“Impossible! It took us one hour to get in without those winds”

“Your about to find out how fast I am, and I’ve come to bring you all down.”

“You scum! King Vegeta sent you didn’t he. Well, we got something instore for you, just you wait, even if you kill us, our ace will kill you!”

The pefu’s ran towards a tube and opened it. Out came some kind of wind and formed into a silouette of a fighter.

The silouette fighter turned into a solid form and had no face whatsoever. The pefu’s began to all laugh.

“Now your dead, fighting the wind elemental. It is our main defense against scum like you who try to attack our base. Braise yourself, for your going to die by his hand!”

Saikou, remembering his experience with the wind cyclone, quickly charged at the fighter and punched him, but it was no used, for he was hitting, well air. His opponent was standing there, but for some reason, wherever Saikou attacked, the enemies’ body would turn into air, thus bypassing the quick jabs that the saiyan threw. Saikou became frustrated and threw many more quick attacks and specials at the elemental, but it was no use. Finally, the Elemental stepped forward and power punched the saiyan, causing him to fly backwards and hit a wall. He fell to the ground, growled and darted back towards his opponent. This time Saikou charged up ki into his fist and attempted to strike his opponent in the torso. The saiyan felt satisfied as the elemental was knocked back by the ki emulating from his fist. The monster stepped forward again and copied Saikou’s move, sending a punch towards the saiyan that had the force of a strong wind. He was knocked back and hit the wall again, falling down to the ground.

Saikou got up and charged at the Elemental, unleashed a combination of power punches in an attempt to blast ki at his opponent using his fists. However, the monster began to step backwards as he blocked them all and then countered Saikou’ last punch with a grab and used his body to twirl the saiyan into the other end of the cave. Saikou, anticipating what the monster was about to do, used that same momentum to counter swing the elemental into the wall.

As the elemental hit the wall, he began to evaporate slightly. Saikou was annoyed. It was as if physical attacks were completely useless against this monster, for every time they landed a blow upon him, it would just be neutralized as if it was nothing. It was literally attacking air. This didn’t sway the saiyan as he had a few tricks up his sleeve.

“You stupid saiyan, your never going to defeat our hero! Woo! He’s going to kill you, just you watch. He’s toying with you and seeing what you can do.”

Saikou felt really annoyed. He wasn’t going to lose and he loved the idea of a challenge, against some freak of nature. This was good experience that he needed and it would come in handy later. The Elemental pushed Saikou away and began to charge up what appeared to be a ball of wind. The monster then began to run towards the saiyan and threw the airball at him. Saikou, realizing that this attack was probably deadly, used a speed teleport to dodge it and just above the elemental. He then placed his hand upon the elemental’s head and raised two fingers, jabbing them into the monster’s body. A large explosion occurred and everything within the area was killed, all except the Elemental. All the pufu’s were gone, which is what Saikou wanted anyway. The elemental had been blown apart, but was now coming back together again. He did not like the sight of this and realized that there was a generator nearby. Suspecting that it had to do with the monster, he raced towards it and destroyed it, causing the elemental to disappear. Saikou fell to the ground, slightly exhausted. His mission was over, and the opponent he faught was an interesting one. Saikou left the cave and went outside, realizing that the generator also was behind the cyclone air defenses, and now that it was destroyed, there was no more wind defense.

Saikou flew to where his space pod was and got inside. He then took out another sensu bean, ate it, then healed. He quickly punched in the co-ordinates of planet Vegeta and felt his pod blast off away from planet pufu. Saikou then quickly dozed off and had a dream:

In the dream he was fighting King Cold. The changeling towered over him and was laughing hysterically. “HA HA HA, you pathetic saiyan. You will never defeat me, ever! Watch as I defeat you.” Cold then stepped forward towards his opponent before he lashed out with a swift jab aimed to the ribs followed by a hard knee to the face. Saikou dodged all the attacks, then brandished a picture. "Hey yo, let's have a spar for finding the funniest pictures online. This is what I mean by King Kai's style. We get three pictures to find then we display them. If it's a draw then we find three more pictures. The person who finds the funniest pictures wins. What do you say? Cold gave the Saiyan a puzzled look before he reached out to grab him by the throat before sending his fist in to his face and gut, "On your knee, boy. I don't have time for your foolish games,"
The saiyan was caught off guard by Colds brute strength as was hit in the gut with his opponent's fist. It completely winded the saiyan and he fell to the ground and began to gasp for air. Saikou passed out."

Saikou woke up. He didn't know why he kept having these dreams for the last few days of what happened in the past. It was the first time this kind of thing kept occuring to him.

Saikou had another dream just before reaching planet Vegeta, his last general one of these past battles. He didn't know why he kept having them, perhaps it was his mind organizing his mind and all his memories.

The dream went as followed:

"Saikou then stood up and looked at the other saibamen, whom all had contorted expressions on their faces. They were enraged, and charged at Saikou. All of them opened their heads and attempted to spray the saiyan with acid, but he managed to dodge them all. In response, Saikou teleported in the midst of them and raised two fingers, unleashing a powerful explosion that damaged the surrounding area. When the smoke cleared, only one saibaman was left alive, and he was barely standing. Saikou walked over to him and picked him up.

“How are you able to speak?” asked the saiyan.
“I don’t know. After we mutated and became red, we were able to speak a new language and express our thoughts. It was as if something extraordinary happened. Will you have mercy on me or are you going to kill me too?” replied the monster.

Saikou punched the saibaman in the head and continued to interrogate him. “Is there any others that I don’t know about?”
“No, we are the last ones.”
Saikou grinned. “Then that is fine with me,” said the saiyan and he snapped the saibaman’s neck.

Saikou let go of the monster and watched him drop to the ground. He stood there for a few moments taking in all what had happened.
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Hunting the plant men...
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