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 Vegeto trains

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PostSubject: Vegeto trains   Vegeto trains Icon_minitimeSun Jul 11, 2010 10:34 pm

Vegeto was out practicing some moves. His father then said that Cooler had touched down on Earth. Vegeto then said he wanted to fight him. His father said it was too dangerous. Vegeto then said he'll train and become stronger. His father said he'll help him train. The two flew of to a perfect training area. They then decided the plains. Ok Vegeto come at me with everything you got" said Vegeto's dad. Vegeto then powered up and attacked his father. Moving Vegeto could have been mistaking for blood and darkness thanks to his aura so he had an advantage at night. Vegeto punched his father in the stomach but before the punch reached him his father grabbed hit and throw him. Vegeto did a back flip and charged at his father attempting a kick. His father grabbed and Vegeto smiled and fired a buster Canon which hit his father. His father flew of his father then recovered and powered up and attacked Vegeto. Vegeto was getting pummeled to a pupl. He managed to grab one of his father's attack and threw him and fired a masenko.His father managed to stop it a little bit but got here. Vegeto knew his father was going a liitle easy on him. Vegeto then yelled don't hold back. He then flew to his father and used a buster Canon. His father grabed it and threw it back Vegeto got hurt badly. Vegeto then poweered up and attacked his father.

They trained for several hours and eventually it got dark. Vegeto powered up and managed to stop the red streaks from flashing. He attacked his father silently. His father was now the one getting pummeled. Vegeto managed to grab one of Vegeto's kick and threw him then fired a kamehameha. Vegeto recovered and coutered with a buster Canon. The two blasts struggled. The blasts moved from one another. But Vegeto's father won. He said that was enough traing for today. They then headed home to have a rest.
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Vegeto trains
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